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Updated: Dec 3, 2020

So many things have been happening on this planet since 2020 but there are other big problems that have been around for a long time. Only now are we finally accepting the damages it is causing our planet and future.  Have you taken a walk outside through a beautiful park or along the beach and notice a trail of trash littered around you? I've seen bottles, bags, clothes, wrappers even furniture, baby chairs, and plastic toys. It makes me sad especially when there is a garbage can right next to it. The problem isn't where the garbage can is placed but it's the plastic itself.    I remember a trip to Mexico walking along the beach where I saw a turtle come up from the waters to find a place to lay her eggs. It was such a beautiful sight I had to stop and just silently watch in awe. At the same time, I was noticing all the trash that surrounded her. Tons of trash covering the sand where she was trying to dig yet there she is, trying her best to do what is natural for her and her babies. Humans have long-lived on this planet but not in the most harmonious ways.  Our one uses plastic habits that are harming the planet and marine life. It isn't fair to the animals and planet how we are treating it. We need to make a change and help one another thrive in our best habitats. 

Plastics have silently but visibly taken over our lives and planet. Look around, how many things do you have around you right now that has some kind of plastic piece or is made of plastic? It is shocking when you gather them all together and see it for your own eyes. Every single thing you buy right now has plastic on it unless it's from an eco-friendly company that is conscious about its packaging.  You might think you don't collect that much plastic but do a little test. Keep all the plastics that you have used in just one week and look at it. You will be extremely surprised at the amount. Now, that is just one person now imagine billions of people using that much plastic in just a week and you will see the massive amount that is being thrown out. where does it go? I use to imagine that it went to a "recycle" plastic place and it gets remolded into new plastic containers to store more products for us to buy. it was a well-planed circle that just goes round and round. NOPE. Was I ever wrong Something I did not know, recycle plastics after it's been recycled is left at the place until a company or someone buys it to use for their products. It is more expensive as well then new plastics so not often someone is coming to use this resource. Is there a ton of "recycled" plastic sitting in fields then? yes..There is so much that they throw out a lot too, dump them into the oceans. At the same time, there are even MORE new plastics being produced. See the problem here? Where will it all go? We use to think this planet is so big, a little trash here and there will probably disappear in the ocean. Well, now we see they don't disappear but gather up together in GIANT islands of plastics and garbage around the world. Scuba divers are now showing us the things they run into out in the oceans. Just cause we don't see it here with our own eyes doesn't mean it isn't there and it isn't happening.  What I hear most from people is "It isn't affecting me, not my problem"  Plastics have taken over so much of our lives and habitat that it is also in the food we eat. Plastic becomes even more insidious when it breaks down into microscopic particles called microplastics, which ends up in our food and water and ultimately, in us. Recent research has shown that we consume one credit card worth of plastic every week. YIKESSSSS. If your health isn't important to you, I hope at least the health of your loved ones is! I changed my ways of plastic use because I wanted a better future for my children. I don't want them to be left behind to deal with my bad habits of easy use plastics. It is a problem and it starts with just one person changing their ways to make a difference. start with yourself and change your daily habits.  Did you know? it is almost impossible to recycle these items?  1. Toothpaste  Receipts, toothpaste, and other squeezable tubes are difficult to recycle because they often contain a thin layer of aluminum and various types of plastic- making it challenging for recycling plants to separate and process them.  2. paper straws Paper straws contain recyclable material. However, paper straws are almost never recycled because they would need to be collected separately in large quantities before being able to recycle them  3. Receipts Paper receipts are often printed on shiny, thermal paper, which is not recyclable because they coated with s substance called bisphenol A (BPA) or bisphenol S (BPS). Many stores now send you an email receipt, or give you the choice of whether to take a printed receipt  4. Pringles boxes  Pringles boxes are very difficult to recycle because they combine five different materials including a metal base, tear off foil top, a plastic lid, silver foil lining inside and a cardboard outer sleeve  5. Crisps and chip bags Crisps packets cant is recycled because of the grease and crisp residue that clings to them. Try the scrunch test: if the item springs back into shape after you have scrunched it up, then it shouldn't be recycled.   6. Cotton pads Cotton pads are often blended with synthetic materials, such as polyester, so are impossible to recycle. If 100% cotton, they can be composted but only if they have not been used to remove make-up or with chemicals such as disinfectants.  7. Sticky notes  Sticky notes cannot be recycled in most cases because the glue on the adhesive strip cant always is removed during the recycling process, so many centers refuse to accept them.  These are just a number of things. There are many other things we always thought we could recycle but can't! Even things that have the "recycle" logo on it such as coffee lids, cups, and take out containers. Once it is dirty it is impossible to recycle.  With that being said, make sure to rinse out your cans and anything you are planning on recycling and take off all lids as well.  Always remember to: REFUSE, REDUCE, and REUSE! it's easy!  Here are some videos to get more info on how to become more plastic-free. I hope this post has ignited a change within you to do something different and help this planet thrive. We are on this planet together. It is OUR home and we need to unite and help bring back its natural ways for ourselves, the beings here and for the future of our children and their children.  You can find out moe plastic information from Earthday.Org 20 Ways to reduce waste/ Easy sustainable lifestyle hacks/ zero waste for beginners

I hope you have an amazing day my friends. Be mindful and tune into the planet's needs. We are being called upon now. It is time to make a change towards a better future. Down with plastic!  Jenuine Love 

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