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• The Inflation Reduction Act offers a $7500 rebate from the Federal government for the purchase of new EVs.


• While researching electric vehicles,  we found one site,  that has accumulated all known manufacturers of electric autos, trucks, passenger buses, bicycles, and sports vehicles along with batteries and charging stations. 

EVTrader is the online platform where all companies related to the electric vehicles industry can present and profile themselves. As a result small and large businesses will become more visible worldwide and be able to build up their own network, to expand and strengthen (Connecting e-Mobility).

After entering the specific country and category, the site easily connects you to every electric vehicle's unique Website making your search quick and informative. 

Transportation infrastructure is the backbone of our cities. We need to work to expand and improve transit, pedestrian, and bike systems that anchor amenity-rich, walkable communities. Lowering dependence on cars reduces household transportation costs and frees up space to create places where people want to live, work, and play. State-of-the-art sustainability practices can transform traditional economic development and poverty alleviation strategies. Creating resource efficiencies in areas such as water, transportation, energy, and material use makes communities more equitable and resilient while lowering the cost of living. Transit-oriented development (TOD) helps people drive less, spend less, and enjoy a higher quality of life by encouraging the development of livable communities around transit stations. Extreme weather events are increasing in the face of climate change, which disproportionately affects low-income communities and communities of color. Planning should include tangible, measurable actions that can help make cities healthy, resilient, and prosperous. 

For business and property owners you can now make money by installing an electric vehicle charging station on your property. See below.

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