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SOURCE Hyrdopanel is a solar-powered and infrastructure-free drinking water solution. As a non-extractive water resource, SOURCE Hydropanels represent a first in transparency, resiliency, security, and quality. Whether at homes, schools, hospitals, or other institutions, SOURCE advances drinking water ownership, bypassing the need for other drinking water alternatives. WATCH VIDEO.

SOURCE is powered by an integral combination of solar photovoltaics and high- efficiency solar thermal. The electrical and thermal power is used to efficiently produce high-purity water in a modified psychrometric cycle even in some of the driest deserts in the world.

• Ambient air is drawn into SOURCE and water vapor in the air adsorbs onto advanced hygroscopic materials

• Solar thermal power desorbs water from the hygroscopic materials into amplified water vapor cycling within the • Hydropanel resulting in liquid water formation, flowing into the reservoir

• The collected pure water is mineralized for optimal health and taste, and the reservoir is actively managed for cleanliness

• Water pumps from the onboard reservoir through a polishing cartridge and to a dispenser

• Each Hydropanel connects to a cloud-based network and is monitored for performance and quality.

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